Friday, November 25, 2011

How to Prepare Muffins

Yesterday, I found half packet of chocolate chips left in the corner of the refrigerator the other day. The last time I used up the other half was when I baked Chocolate Chips Oat Cookie.

Another baking time for me today. I promised myself to bake another muffin series using chocolate chips, which is my favorite ingredients when comes to baking. The previous muffin I had baked was Chocolate Chips Raisin Muffin.

Good thing that I got this recipe from " The Complete Step by Step Cook Book" , a gigantic recipe book I had bought a few years back during the local book fair which was held in one of the shopping centre.

My little son ate quite a lot during teatime. I had to stop him because I was afraid that he might lose his appetite when dinner comes.
Needless to say, the wonderful combination of chocolate chips and orange make a great flavor and the soft texture are the favorites for sweet tooth eaters, especially little children running around at home. That's the only way to keep them down and quiet for a while.

TIPS on Baking Muffins

  • When baking muffins, avoid using self-raising flour. You need to use plain flour and baking powder to bake well risen muffins. Self raising flour might not have enough baking powder to raise the fluffy soft texture muffins.
  • I used light soft brown sugar instead of castor sugar because I prefer less sweet, low calories, healthy muffins.
  • Remember to sift all dry ingredients before baking. This is to ensure any small particles, harden flour and air are removed to bake smooth fluffy muffins.
  • Use FRESH ORANGE instead of prepacked orange juice to maintain the orange original zest and rind.
  • Do not prepare overnight the orange juice or rind because the juice will turn sour the next day and the rind will change to dark brown instead.
  • You can substitute chocolate chips with chunks of dark baking chocolate for more thick chocolaty taste. However, do take precaution when eating because the baking chocolate might still feel hot after freshly bake.
  • In order to keep muffins fresh up to 3 days, store the leftover muffins in airtight containers. Refrigerate them , NOT FREEZE them.
Here is the recipe for Chocolate Chip and Orange Muffins.


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