Tuesday, November 3, 2009



Peanut cookies are one of the Chinese New Year cookies which are easy to make. Peanuts are inexpensive and you can get them easily in supermarkets or mini markets.

The first time I baked this cookie was 2 months back. My friends said that these cookies were delicious, full of nuts aroma but just a little too sweet for them.

This is my 2nd time baking this nutty cookie again. Our family love them too. I followed wlteef.blogspot posted receipe and as usual, it never fails for me. It was a breeze. Thanks for the wonderful receipe.

However, I had reduced the sugar to 80g instead and increased the corn oil because the batter kept falling apart...was too crumbly. I used muffin paper cups instead of baking sheet to avoid the cookies from sticking together as they will expand when baked. Don't be bother of the cracks on the surface. It was the baking powder.

(followed receipe)


200g ground peanut powder ( I ground peanut powder coarsely)
200g sifted flour
1/2tsp sifted baking powder
80g icing sugar
120g corn oil
cashew nut/peanut for deco (optional)

1 egg yolk-beaten with 1tsp water


1. Gather all ingredients. Preheat oven at 180C.

2. Fry the peanuts

3. Ground peanuts coarsely

4. Sift all dry ingredients

5. Mix flour,baking powder, ground peanut powder,icing sugar in a bowl until well combined.

6. This is how it looks like after mixed

7. Add oil gradually and knead at the same time. Don't add all in one go.

8. If the dough is dry, add oil
If dough is wet, add flour

9. Shape as u wish or use cookie cutter

10. Put a piece of nut on top. Apply eggwash
Transfer to muffin paper cups.
Don't grease the cups. cookie (optional)

11. Bake at 20min until golden browned

Makes 62pcs

Crunchy N crispy cookies!


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