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Monday, November 2, 2009



I noticed that many bloggers posted that Nestum Cake was easy but a little too sweet.

However, I don't think so. Firstly, it's greasy, wet and very,very SWEET. Might get diabetics you know.

This is my first attempt and I just added lemon rind and juice. To my dismay, it turned out unsatisfactory.

Maybe it's due to the lemon.

Eventhough I tried to bake this NESTUM CAKE according to the posted receipe at, it turned out wet inside, tasted too sweet, oily and many tiny holes. Though it is edible but too oily for everyone in my family.

Can anyone give some advice what went wrong?

Tiny holes on the surface

(taken from NESTUM CAKE receipe)


250g butter
250g castor sugar ( I reduced to 180g )
4eggs ( I had 3 eggs only)
Juice of 1 lemon
Lemon rind
200g SR Flour
50g Nestum Cereal
100ml Milk


1. Prepare all ingredients. Sift flour.

2. Lemon rinds

3. Beat butter and sugar until fluffy

This is how it looks

4. Add eggs one at a time

5. Beat until creamy

6. Fold in sifted flour and lemon juice alternately

7. Add lemon rind and Nestum cereal

Mix well

8. Pour into greased cake tin

9. Bake 160C for 1 hour. Don't open oven during the 1st 30min bcoz cake will sink

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