Friday, May 10, 2013

Bake Cherry Coconut Cake with Your Rice Cooker

That's right! Amazing isn't it? Baking a cake with your rice cooker is simple as ABC. Most of us would cook rice , porridge in a rice cooker but there are more things you can do with your rice cooker. Have you tried cooking sushi, hot desserts and steaming fish or chicken with your rice cooker? Absolutely DELICIOUS !!

I happened to stumbled upon a blog on how to make a butter cake with a rice cooker and decided to give a go with baking Cherry Coconut Cake  with my rice cooker. To my surprise, I don't have to keep checking on the status on the cake baking process. When the 50min time is up, I had a fluffy bouncing cake that is moist and tender. 

How to bake with a Rice Cooker

All you need to do is lightly grease the rice cooker pot ( the black pot ) with 1/2 teaspoon of butter. Not more than that, please. I did tried 1 teaspoon and my previous cake turned out very oily. Just spread out the butter around the black pot, both the sides and bottom surface. Next, get ready the cake batter as usual and pout it into the pot. Use the back of a stainless steel spoon to even the surface and sprinkle chopped walnuts or any nuts that you fancy on top of the cake batter.

Then, press "White Rice" for Panasonic Rice cooker or choose the 45-50min function of your rice cooker brand. Sit and watch the steam release into the air and smell the buttery cake fragrance from afar.  

Once the rice cooker lets off the "beep-beep" alarm that reminds you that the cake is baked, don't open the lid immediately. Let it "jump" to the keep warm mode. Wait for 10 minutes and off the rice cooker. 
Lift up the lid and allow the hot air released into the air. Use a pair of pot holders to life up the pot and transfer it to the dining table. Make sure that you have another pot holder cloth on the table first. Otherwise, you will have a burnt mark on the wooden table or scratches on the glass table.

How to remove cake from the Rice Cooker

Loose the cake by inserting a cake knife around the cake. I used the plastic cake knife that I had kept since my kid's last birthday cake from "Season". Place a wide, flat plate on top of the pot ( to cover the mouth) and flip the pot over so that the cake may fall off onto the plate. Lift up the upside down pot away from the plate and you can see the "backside" of the Cherry coconut Cake.

Use another plate to cover the "backside" and flip it over again. Now you can see the "face" of the Cheery Coconut Cake. Not that hard, isn't it? Cheers to all baking MAMA !!


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