Friday, May 10, 2013

Easter Walnut Biscuits

Don't be mistaken that that Easter Walnut Biscuits are meant for Easter Day only. These biscuits are awesomely crunchy and crispy as they are packed with chopped walnuts and raisins for those who love crunchy and chewy bites.

Have you tried Sugee cookies? Easter Walnut biscuits are similar to Sugee Cookies, the dough isn't too soft, uses less oil and sugar and do not break apart easily. You may noticed that these biscuits are coated with icing sugar on top because the amount of sugar used in this recipe is 55g only. 
Hence, these Easter Walnut Biscuits are suitable for those weight watchers . You can substitute the oil with butter but make sure that the butter are melted in the wok before mixing into the batter. 

I usually make these Easter Walnut Biscuits whenever I am free from blogging time. Best for tea time and any occasion such as Christmas Day where your guests might pop in for a gathering. 


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