Monday, October 12, 2009

Baking Is My Best Hobby

Hi! Welcome to my blog. I am a Malaysian Chinese housewife with 2 children and staying with my in-laws. Actually, I never thought of getting myself involve in baking at all. Just that my hubby says cakes and cookies sold in hypermarket are expensive nowadays, that I do agree. So, I went surfing around the net and caught some simple instructions and ingredients in making cookies.

Believe it or not, I don't have an oven nor a cake mixer at home. Didn't buy any eventhough did some window shopping at hypermarkets. Frankly speaking the ovens are cheap. You can get one at low price as RM 110!! Mixer is around RM79.

Anyway, my mom-in-law has an old metal baking pot which she used to bake butter cakes when she had time. Since I can save money, why not! When I first use the pot, I kept getting burnt cookies because there isn't any temperature measurement. Furthermore, the pot is using gas stove! Finally after my 3rd attempt (never gave up eventhough burnt 30pcs of cookies), I managed to "agak" (estimate) the gas mark.

Old metal baking pot using gas stove

By the way, I still beat the butter and icing sugar by hand.... tired but worth it.

Here are some cookies,cakes and jellies or pudding that I have made. Do try them yourself. Nobody thought me how to bake them. Just follow the receipes and burnt them a couple of times. You will get a hang of it and indulge the wonderful results after a hard day work in the kitchen.


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